6 Reasons a Lifestyle Business Is Right For You


Written by Gemma Sands for her inspiring, Coaching & Design blog http://www.littletinypieces.co.uk/ 


A while back I made a confession to my email list in one of my weekly love notes. I shared that I had gotten lost somewhere on my business journey - I had become caught up in what I thought I should do. 

You see, the online business world is full of entrepreneurs who are creating empires. They are earning six and seven figure incomes, employing a team and creating a huge reach. I think it's great, but what I came to realize is that it isn't the right path for me. 

When I stopped and got back to the heart of what I want to create, I realized that it's what is often termed as a Lifestyle Business. It's the type of business I help my clients create, and I want to build for myself too. 

A business built on a desire to have purpose +  impact, and to support the lifestyle I want to have

Why a lifestyle business might be right for you

1. It allows you to use all your talents

A lifestyle business gives you the freedom to work on the projects you want to work on. If like me you're multi-passionate, all of your passions can be combined under one umbrella. For me that looks like a combination of coaching, writing, design, hosting a podcast, creating products. 

Maybe you're a photographer with a passion for sharing your knowledge, creating a lifestyle business allows you to not only do photo shoots - you could also run workshops or teach e-courses. 

“What lights you up? Write down everything you love doing and explore how you could incorporate some of those things into your business”

2. It doesn't require funding

Unlike a traditional or startup business model, a lifestyle business can be created with next to nothing. As your client base grows, you can upscale and invest in tools to make things easier but to start with, you need little more than a laptop and a desire to create something amazing. 

You can also build a lifestyle business alongside working a full or part-time job. The beauty of a lifestyle business is you're in control of the timescale. 

3. It gives you location independence 

You can run a lifestyle business from anywhere with an internet connection. Want to work from a beach in Bali? You can! There are several options for this, if like me you have an element of 1:1 work, you can continue that via Skype from almost anywhere in the world. Another way to earn money and have location freedom, is to develop passive income streams. For example, creating and selling an e-book that continues to provide income without you needing to work on it, means you can earn and travel. 

4. It allows creative freedom

You get to choose what projects you work on. Running a lifestyle business allows you to play and explore, to discover what works for you. Unlike other business models, you don't have to get people on board around your ideas. You can take it and run with it, and see where it leads. 

5. It gives you personal profit

Unlike other business models, which often require a lot of work to get to a point of turning a profit, a lifestyle business allows you to create personal profit relatively quickly. Of course, it takes some time to build a client base but you are in control of choosing the amount of money you want to make. Unlike a 9-5 job, there is no income cap... your earning potential is directly linked to creating new revenue streams. 

6. It gives you flexibility in your life

This is probably the most common reason I encounter for starting a lifestyle business. It was certainly my driving factor - I was tired of having to get permission to go to a Doctors appointment, or not being able to attend personal development events because they fell on a work day. 

The whole point of a lifestyle business is that it supports your desired lifestyle, rather than trying to fit your lifestyle around your job. 

Maybe you want to have time to play with your kids, or cook healthy meals for yourself. Perhaps you want to be able to start work at 11am or take a few hours off to meet friends for lunch. 

“Think about how you want your life to look. What’s most important to you? How can you organize your business to support that? ”

For me, I'm creating a business that provides enough financially to cover my bills and allow me to live without needing to worry. To be able to go out for dinner and choose what I want from the menu without stressing about the price. To hire coaches to support my growth. To buy locally-sourced, organic produce to stock up my fridge. To take the occasional weekend away or have a vacation. 

Just as importantly, I'm creating a business that allows me to be here when my step-kids come home from school, to walk the dog for an hour in the middle of the day, to take care of things at home so that Greg doesn't have to worry and can focus on what he does best. 

Written by:  Gemma Sands

I’m Gemma Sands and I am a business and lifestyle coach, designer and writer. 

I work with creative, purpose-driven women (just like you!), helping them to turn what lights them up into their dream business and to do it with ease and authenticity. 

In other words - I support you to improve your blog, business and life. 

I believe in freedom + authentic + creativity. I’m all about leaning into what you love, and being in flow. 

A few other things I believe...

++ I believe that when we stop believing in ‘should’, ‘supposed to’ and ‘couldn’t possibly’ we make space for awesomeness to rush in. (My life is living proof of this). 

++ I believe that now is the time. Not someday. Not when you’ve lost the 10 pounds or the kids have grown up. Now. You have a dream and it’s time to unleash it. I vow to give you the tools and support to help you do that. 

++ I believe that you absolutely can take that thing you love and create a rocking business or blog from it - one that has you leaping out of bed every morning to work on it. A blog or business that not only brings you joy, but also has impact and is of service to the world. I can show you how. 

++ I believe that your only real purpose is to be your authentic self. To show up to life fully. To infuse your business, blog or brand with your personality. 

++I also believe in not doing this alone. I believe in the power of community and connection -  of shared challenges and collective wins.  Lovely, if I could take you for a cup of coffee and chat with you about your goals, I would. Luckily, the power of the internet means we can connect wherever you are in the world. Let’s chat over a virtual cup of green tea

You can contact Emma by visiting her website here:  http://www.littletinypieces.co.uk/about

or Check out her FaceBook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/LPmarketing?pnref=about.overview

Class Review - {hive-certified} Photography & 2nd Shooter Training - By: Megan Peters

In my early career as a photographer, I’ve learned a few basic lessons. One is photography is a profession where art meets business. On a daily basis, I have the opportunity to connect with other photographers, many of whom create art I admire and which pulls on my heart strings. But what I didn’t realize was how much work these artists must do behind the scenes to make their photography dreams into a career. And as I work toward my own goals for my studio and my craft, I am often faced with roadblocks that seem insurmountable. One of these is the idea of “experience.”


This is a roller coaster we’ve all been on at one time or another. We want to work in a certain industry, but to get a foot in the door, we have to have good experience. However, to get good experience, we have to have a foot in the door. It’s a merry-go-round that unfortunately can turn people away. But if you’re passionate enough, and have the drive to really, truly go for it, you’ll find a way. And lucky for me (and YOU!), there are organizations like {Hive-Workshops} that give you the opportunity to get that foot in the door while learning and growing as a creative.


Wedding photography has always been something that I’ve found very intimidating. I’m a portrait photographer, and the idea of photographing the most important day in someone’s life is both thrilling and terrifying! I’ve done a few, very small weddings for friends, but I’ve never had the opportunity to break into the larger wedding market. So when I saw that {Hive-Workshops} was hosting a two-part series on Assisting for Photography and Second Shooting, I immediately booked my slot!


Melissa Slater wedding photographer hive workshops slater studios

International destination wedding photographer, Melissa Slater of Slater Studios of Photography & Design led the workshop filled with creatives ready to learn and absorb as much information as possible. A few of the creatives in attendance had assisted and second shot before, and some even had their own wedding photography businesses, but many, like myself, were looking to break into this industry. Melissa got right down to the nitty gritty in the first session, focused on Assisting for Photography. She talked about the “Do’s and Don’ts” for assisting, with real life examples she received straight from the most lucrative photographers in Kansas City and beyond. Her real life tips, such as arrive early, be polite to the other vendors and compliment people, will help you not only get hired, but be a sought after Photography Assistant in the fields of wedding, portrait and commercial photography.


“Be your photographer’s eyes, ears and hands,” said Melissa. “Work hard, move fast, and do for your photographer what you would want done for you!”


Then Melissa took the creatives through real-life scenarios with off-camera lighting, reflectors and equipment. Practical tips, like how to best hand off a new lens to your lead photographer, were priceless!


Melissa Slater

The second session was focused around Second Shooting, especially for weddings. Second shooting can seem like an unattainable goal for new photographers, especially when they lack experience. Melissa went through how to get a job second shooting, from first contact to payment, giving the creatives in attendance a game plan for the future. Melissa is a sought-after second shooter, travelling all over the world to second shoot for some of the most successful wedding photographers. She shared how she built her reputation as a go-to second shooter and a trusted resource for other photographers. When asked the best way to get second shooting jobs, she told the creatives to network! “Go to every event, introduce yourself and ask for contact information,” she said. “Then follow up, send your resume and blow them away!”


Modern Bride  Melissa Slater
modern bride melissa slater

I was amazed to learn that most of the images published from weddings in magazines and on websites are taken by second shooters! Turns out, when you are a second shooter, you are the one who often gets the opportunity to play and get creative. Most second shooters shoot the wedding details, including the food, florals and accessories. Second shooters also get the opportunity to tell incredible stories through their work. While the lead photographer must focus on capturing the scheduled shots, the second shooter can look for candid moments as they are happening and capture them for the client to cherish forever.


As with the photo assisting workshop, the creatives were provided with a fantastic list of ways to get hired over and over again. These included the creative (follow the emotion!) and the simple (turn off the ringer on your cell phone!). All the tips were provided by regarded professionals and gave the creatives in attendance an awesome checklist to keep the jobs coming in!


As of today, I’m officially {Hive-Certified} as a Photography Assistant and Second Shooter! I’m so grateful! {Hive-Workshops} has given me the opportunity to move forward in my career when I didn’t know how I would get over what seemed to be an insurmountable roadblock. After the course, I was added to a list of certified professionals that was provided to photographers all across Kansas City. I have already been contacted to assist on a photo shoot, and I have a couple more inquiries coming in as well. I’m so excited to keep learning and growing as I add to my photography resume!



Megan Peters hive workshops blogger

Written by:  {hive-workshops} blogger Megan Peters.

 Check out more of Megan's awesomeness on her BLOG Crazy Bananas and read another one of her {hive-blog} posts entitled:  Comparison is the Thief of Joy - here.

5 Top Photography Branding Mistakes

 Photography & Copyright:  www.jennifertonettispellman.com

Photography & Copyright:  www.jennifertonettispellman.com

Written by New York photographer: Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman 

Before I was fortunate enough to turn my passion into my business, my other life was in advertising and marketing for over a decade. I was able to learn from some of the major marketers in publishing about what makes a brand succeed and what makes one crash and burn, sometimes even before lift off.

When most photographers start out, you get this feeling of a mad scramble: I need a logo, I need stationary, I need packaging, I need a cool site, I need cool site music, I need, I need, I NEED. Well I am here to tell you the first thing you need to do is breathe, sit down with a Diet Coke and think about who YOU are. Because you are your brand and you need to try and figure this out right out of starting gate.

I was fortunate, I branded pretty well out of the gate, but heck, if I didn’t that would be a sad testament to my previous career. As I meet more and more photographers every day, I see a pattern. Unfortunately it’s not such a great pattern because it is keeping the photographer from being their own unique self, and though you absolutely must know your aperture from your shutter speed and good composition to succeed, you also need to know You to succeed.

People are not only buying your style/work…they also have to buy into you.

Top 5 Branding Mistakes...

Mistake #1- Not being true to who you are.

When I started out I ‘thought’ I had to play by the rules. Newborn shoot? OK, grab me a basket, some fun blankets, hats etc. I got to my first few shoots, tried to play with all these props and was a fumbling fool. I enjoy shooting candid and with a photo journalistic style, why oh WHY did I feel the need to now become Anne Geddes for a newborn shoot?

My friends were all getting these cute sleepy poses with the hats etc. and I was getting an ulcer because I myself was uncomfortable with filming babies that way. Safe to say uncomfortable photographer = uncomfortable subjects (and Moms!) So I failed miserably at my first shoot. Then I went home, and said what am I doing wrong? Oh. Right. I am not being true to my style. Now I never bring a prop to a newborn shoot- I just photograph the details and images I as a Mom would cherish. I made sure to have those images on my website, clearly reflecting how I shoot. Those that see my style will hire me if they like it, if not, they will find a photographer that fits them. And I am fine with that.

Mistake #2- Logo insanity

In the day and age of Etsy, there are a lot of graphic designers (sadly a lot of ‘wannabee’ ones, too) offering ‘logos.’ A logo doesn’t have to be overdone with bells and whistles. It should be clean and easily identifiable. And preferably use a font other than comic sans. It is very hard to be original with a logo, I completely understand that- from trees, to birds, to fruit–everything has pretty much been done. So my advice is keep it simple, and try and make sure your logo doesn’t compete with the image it is watermarked on. Clients are buying your style and images, not your cute logo.


Mistake #3- Brand confusion

You take beautiful upscale looking images. Your work is dark and moody in a good way. And you have a whimsical logo..? You take beautiful images, and then turn around and present them in a manila envelope? I know, I know. ‘Jenn, that is all fine and good, but I don’t have the money to invest in nice packaging or an upscale looking logo done by a graphic designer’ I get it. What you need to do however, is learn the philosophy of reinvesting INTO your brand. Say you have a $500 sale. In addition to putting aside the money for Uncle Sam, start putting aside a % of your ‘profit’ so that you can put it back into your brand. Be it a logo upgrade, a new lens, or finer packaging. When you invest back into your brand you will continue to get to that next level. Clients DO notice. When I made the switch to a more colorful, well built box to present clients with, I actually had them asking where I got them from because they wanted them for gifts etc.

  Featured :  Boutique Boxes from {hive-workshops} favorite PROFESSIONAL photographic lab - Millers   Click on the image to check out Millers Professional Imaging's super cool & inexpensive, packaging options

Featured :  Boutique Boxes from {hive-workshops} favorite PROFESSIONAL photographic lab - Millers

Click on the image to check out Millers Professional Imaging's super cool & inexpensive, packaging options


Mistake #4- Copycat branding

This is a delicate subject. It is very hard to be an original when it comes to photography. But it isn’t hard to be your own unique self- there is only one of those

I have talked with a lot of photographers about ‘copying’ others wording, logos, combination of colors etc. It is one thing to be inspired- and another thing to rip someone off. Remember, the person who did the original copy or logo or whatever, worked at it. Don’t go the shortcut route. You learn nothing, and you gain a bad reputation. Total lose-lose situation.


 Photograph & copyright: www.jennifertonettispellman.com

Photograph & copyright: www.jennifertonettispellman.com

Mistake #5- Overspending

The statistics of photographers starting out who make it is a grim one. You need to present yourself professionally and can still do that on a budget. Remember, you need to brand well out of the gate, even if on a shoe string budget. Blogger is a great way. It’s free, and now, thankfully, you can actually buy a domain name right on blogger for cheap, so you aren’t stuck with the ‘blogspot’ address.  You can also (quite inexpensively) hire someone to do a custom header/template for you on blogger. It’s a great way outside of Facebook (also free) to have a place to direct potential clients to and showcase your work. You can also check out wordpress.com. As you grow, and profit, then you can upgrade to a custom site/wordpress blog etc. In the beginning however, keep the costs low. You want to make sure you can in fact get this business off the ground before making any major investments.

Do not spend what you are not making in profit. Period.

This is your own business, your own craft. If you take the time and really think everything out, you will brand well from out of the gate. If you rush, and slap stuff together and start branding yourself wrong, you will be wasting time and potentially turning away (and turning off) potential clients.

Remember, it isn’t a race. Build your brand and business slowly and you will have a far greater chance at success.


Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman, owner of Jennifer Tonetti-Spellman Photography is a die-hard, natural light, lifestyle photographer in New York who loves to search for the light.  Like her on Facebook and follow her blog to continue being inspired by her beautiful work!



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Class Review - Posing w/ Petra, Beyond the Boudoir

hive workshops kansas city photography learn posing petra herrmann

On the afternoon of March 8th, twelve lucky creatives gathered at {Hive-Workshops} for a class taught by the one and only, Petra Herrmann, which focused on the art of posing for photography. As a family and lifestyle photographer, I was a bit nervous about a class taught by a photographer, who specializes in boudoir, but I brought an open mind and lots of questions for Petra, an internally award-winning boudoir photographer and owner of Bella Boudoir in Kansas City.

hive workshops kansas city photography learn posing petra herrmann
hive workshops kansas city photography learn posing petra herrmann
hive workshops kansas city photography learn posing petra herrmann
hive workshops kansas city photography learn posing petra herrmann

When we entered the awesome {Hive-Workshops} space, I immediately noticed the loft was organized differently than it had been for other workshops. Petra had full-length mirrors in front of chairs set up for each creative, which I later learned were to practice posing skills throughout the class. The workshop began with a definition of the ancient art of “contrapposto,” an Italian term that literally translates to counterpose. Contrapposto is defined as:

“...a representation of the human body in which the forms are organized on a varying or curving axis to provide an asymmetrical balance.”

hive workshops kansas city photography learn posing petra herrmann

As Petra showed images throughout history that used contrapposto alongside boudoir images of her own, I was immediately struck with the similarities. It’s such a simple concept, which has obviously been used for thousands of years by many different types of artists, including painters, photographers, and sculptors, but I had never used it in my own posing. I learned that posing a client using contrapposto gives the subject angles and interest, making them more dynamic and pleasing to the eye.

hive workshops kansas city photography learn posing petra herrmann

I was honestly a bit nervous when Petra announced that each creative would work with other class members to hone their posing ability. As a slightly introverted, awkward person, the thought of posing in front of a group of (mostly) strangers was mortifying! But the reward was beyond what I could have imagined. Not only did I see in real time how simple changes and movements could completely transform the feel and dynamic of an image, I also was able to identify with the feelings a client might be going through as they are being photographed. I know I can be guilty of forgetting how uncomfortable clients can feel in front of a camera, especially if they are naturally introverted or shy, like me! This experience gave me insight that can assist me to work with my clients and help them gain confidence as we work together during a session.

hive workshops kansas city photography learn posing petra herrmann
hive workshops kansas city photography learn posing petra herrmann
hive workshops kansas city photography learn posing petra herrmann

When asked how she gets uncomfortable subjects to relax at a photoshoot, I was so inspired by Petra’s words on why she enjoys boudoir as a medium. She spoke about how she feels the art of boudoir photography shows women their true beauty. “I’m allowing them to see themselves as others see them,” said Petra. “And they are beautiful, no matter the age, shape or size!”

hive workshops kansas city photography learn posing petra herrmann

One concern I had coming into this workshop was, I am not a photographer that is focused on boudoir, some of the information wouldn't relate to me and my work. I couldn't have been more wrong! Petra reminded students that while some poses may seem unique to boudoir, the skill and art of posing is valuable for all types of photography. Creatives in attendance included all types of photographers, such as those focused on wedding, family, lifestyle, newborn or seniors. Each one of us found ways to relate the posing techniques from the workshop to our own work.


I was extremely thankful for the Q&A sessions during the afternoon, which covered topics ranging from how Petra gets inspired to how she gets an uptight client to relax. She recommended studying poses from all over media outlets, not just from other photographers, which was such an “AHA!” moment for me. When I got home from the class, I immediately gathered up my stack of catalogs and fashion magazines to get inspired. Petra also recommended getting online and studying entertainers on the red carpet. “Look outside of this industry,” she said. “Pay attention to the outside world!”

hive workshops kansas city photography learn posing petra herrmann floricolor

The evening after the workshop, I found myself endlessly looking at boudoir images online and talking with fellow photographers about how inspired I felt about this medium. One wise colleague suggested if I was feeling inspired, it might be worth trying it out! So I reached out and I’m excited to say I’ve booked my very first boudoir session next month! I plan to use this session as a learning experience, and I cannot wait to use the techniques we learned in class. Huge thanks to {Hive-Workshops} and to Petra for inspiring me to go for it!  Also a BIG thank you FloriColor for gifting every creative who attended a Touch Album from there new collection!!

hive workshops kansas city photography learn posing petra herrmann

All our beeautiful Creatives, striking their best pose  :)

hive workshops kansas city photography learn posing petra herrmann

Written by:  Megan Peters - {hive-workshops} Blogger extraordinaire 

Check out Megan's other really cool BLOG - Crazy Bananas 

CLICK HERE to see the other workshops that {hive} has coming up!!!


Local Spotlight - Interview with photographer Jason Domingues

Jason Domingues hive workshops photography kansas city

Local Spotlight

Shining light on small business owners in our community. Check out this candid and transparent interview of Kansas City photographer and small business owner, Jason Domingues.

Jason Domingues began shooting photography at 15-years-old. As a teenager in Rhode Island, Domingues was gifted his first camera from his stepfather. “Most of my photography career has been by accident,” said Domingues. “My step-father gave me his father’s camera, which was an old 35mm film camera, and I was really intrigued with it. I blew through a ton of rolls of film figuring it out, and taught myself that way.”

Domingues started out working as a photographer for a local magazine in Rhode Island. After high school, he joined the U.S. military, where he served for three years. Although he joined the Army as a part of the artillery, his commanding officer soon discovered his talent with a camera, and tapped him as a photographer. “He wanted a nice, personal journey of his military trip, so he made me his driver,” said Domingues. “I drove and took pictures for the rest of my military career. It was a pretty nice job!”



His time in the military moved Domingues from the East Coast to the Midwest, first to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and then to Fort Riley, Kansas, where he met his wife of 18 years, Allison. Now they run their photography business together, with Jason focusing on the photography and Allison handling the business side of things. “She’s taken more of a role in the last five years. It’s really neat how we do it,” said Domingues. “I can focus on photography, editing and relations with our clients, while she handles 100% of the business side. When clients contact us, she is the one to respond and get all their information. It allows both of us to do what we’re really good at. And I am not good at emails and phone calls! So we work really well as a team.”

Jason and Allison have two children, and the photography business has grown with their family. “Our daughter was almost 1-year-old when we decided to go for it and do photography as a full time business,” said Domingues. “I had other photography jobs in the past, but it’s been about 12 years since we started the wedding side of the business.”

Domingues says that almost every part of his photography career has happened by accident, and transitioning to wedding photography was no exception. He was asked by a friend to shoot photos for his wedding, but Domingues was wary. At the time, he felt wedding photography would be too much work and drama, and he didn’t feel like it was a creative endeavour. “Twelve years ago, wedding photography isn’t like what it is today,” said Domingues. “I had heard a lot of stereotypes about what wedding photography was like, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go there.”

But his friend persisted, and eventually Domingues agreed to shoot the wedding. He says that wedding changed everything for him. “I came home that day and told my wife, ‘this is what I want to do.’”

While wedding photography has changed since Domingues started his business, he says that the people who make it in this industry are the ones that are flexible and open to this change. “The ones that make it learn to adjust their game accordingly,” said Domingues. “I love my own wedding album, even though it’s very traditional. In fact, that’s what we are shooting these days, more of a hybrid of traditional and photojournalism.”

Domingues says that photographers have to be willing to look at their work critically and break out of their own mold. When photographers get stuck in their particular style, and refuse to change, they can become outdated. “They are wondering 10 or 12 years down the road why they aren’t getting any business. But photography as a business is changing. If you can push a button, make an image, slap a bunch of filters on it, and create a website... then you’re a wedding photographer! What makes the difference is everything in between.”

Add To Cart


Jason will be teaching an upcoming {hive-workshop} on April 9th 2015, called "Get Your LIFE Back - the one day workflow for photographers".  Along with talking about post-processing, he wants to highlight these differences that make a photographer stand out from the ever-growing crowd. “How do you change the game? How do you stay ahead of people? What makes you stand out? That’s what we need to be talking about,” said Domingues.

Read all about his {hive-workshop} and sign-up on the link right over there......



Jason is a big fan of Kansas City and the Midwest in general. He says that while he loves where he is from on the East Coast, it is very stressful and fast-paced. While he still loves being near the water and the great food from Rhode Island, he didn’t like the “go-go-go” culture.

“I call Kansas City home now, because it IS my home,” said Domingues. “The people are incredible. The food is incredible. I fell in love with everything about the Midwest. I can’t see myself living anywhere else. There is so much opportunity here.”

Another passion of Domingues’ is music. His photography business is shaped around both the local KC wedding and music scene. He shoots weddings and portraits during wedding season, and then spends the late Fall, Winter and early Spring touring and shooting bands.  If you are interested in having Jason photograph your band you can contact him through his website:  http://www.913816live.com/

“I don’t tour as much as I used to, due to having a family now.” said Domingues. “What I love to do is go online and find a local band who doesn’t have good photography, and I’ll just call them up and say, ‘when are you performing next, because I’d love to come shoot your band.’ I show up and do some promo shots and then hand them over and tell the band to just share who did them and pass my name on.”

The number one advice Domingues would pass on to new and upcoming photographers is a simple one: Be yourself and don’t worry about what others think.

“My work changed about five years ago, when I just didn’t care anymore what people thought,” said Domingues. “Who cares what other people think about your photography? Who cares about what you’re doing with your photography? When you’re at a photo session, don’t worry about ‘Is this gonna look good on my blog?’ or ‘Am I gonna be judged for this photo I want to take?’ Just take it! Don’t listen to all that hype, just do it your way.

Connect with Jason through his creative endeavors ....




Interview by:  {hive-workshops} blogger Megan Peters.  Check out more of Megan's awesomeness on her BLOG Crazy Bananas and read her last {hive-blog} post entitles:  Comparison is the Thief of Joy - here.


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Class Review - Photo Psychology

hive workshops photography class kansas city johnna brynn

{hive-workshops} hosted a really cool class, taught by Johnna Brynn, called Photo Psychology, on February 24th, 2015.  How cool do you ask???  Well, lets start with our instructor, Johnna.  To quote one of her past students...

“Johnna is incredibly honest and open. She has such a gift in her background in psychology; her wisdom goes above and beyond her skills as a beautiful photographer. Johnna is able to identify and nurture the spirit of the individual artist, and that is something quite unique that makes her “teaching” different from anything else anyone can offer.
— -Marina Locke, Australia
hive workshops kansas city photography johnna brynn

Johnna  resides in Sarasota Florida.  She is an international photographer, therapist, and is presently in her 4th year of pursuing a PhD in psychology. After six years of being in social services and experiencing burn out, she began traveling the world and her camera exploded with creativity. She returned to America wanting to mix her passion of helping others and using photography. She began a non-profit in 2008 called Star Shooter: Phototherapy for Kids, which equips children to express themselves using photography. Johnna then started, Johnna Brynn Photography in March 2009 offering portrait, wedding, and commercial services. Johnna returned to school in 2012 to start a PhD with a dissertation focusing on how photography can help sexually abused victims recover from trauma. She currently is a part-time therapist in the Sexual Abuse Treatment program at the Child Protection Center in Sarasota, Florida , and conducts therapeutic photography groups with teens using Polaroid cameras.  Johnna's passion has grown to not only helping trauma victims, but also helping photographers and social service professionals make a difference in others using photography. 

hive workshops photography kansas city johnna brynn

Class started with all of the "Creatives"  cozied up with some fresh baked cookies, hot coffee and friendly hugs.  Then we all sat down with an eagerness to hear what exactly... IS ... Photo Psychology!?  We were immediately put at ease with Johnnas beeautiful smile, warm personality and humble spirit.  She also gave each one of us a plastic egg full of Silly Puddy to keep our hands busy while our minds focused on her words.  Some of the "Creatives"  showed some true puddy talent ;) .

hive workshops photography kansas city johnna brynn
hive workshops photography class kansas city johnna brynn

After I introduced Johnna, she told us her story which was authentic and truly inspirational.  She continued to teach us how to increase our personal creativity and solidify our photographic style by putting our inspirations to action.  She spoke on how to relate to our clients which would allow us to capture more "natural emotions".  One of the many ways she has found success is by giving her clients a questionnaire they fill out which will give her incite into their likes, dislikes and personal style.  She talked about how the psychology of renewing yourself plays into the work we do as photographers, stopping ourselves from getting into a photo-funk. She spoke on how we can have a deeper connection with our clients and ultimately tell their life-story while enriching their experience and increasing our ability to capture their true personality and emotion.

hive workshops kansas city photography johnna brynn

 She taught us how to CONNECT with a hands-on activity of taking portraits of each other with Polaroid Cameras (that she bought off Craigslist "vintage") and Polaroid 600-type film given to our "Creatives"  by The Impossible Film Project, very cool!  Johnna gave away both the Polaroid cameras and several boxes of film.  The winners were stoked!

hive workshops photography kansas city johnna brynn
hive workshops photography kansas city johnna brynn
hive workshops photography kansas city johnna brynn
hive workshops photography kansas city johnna brynn

Just a quick shout out to Ashley Elwell of " three three photography" She took all the images from this workshop.  She is not only a great photographer & friend of mine but also of Johnna's and {hive's}.  You can check out her awesome talent on her website:  http://www.threethreephotography.com/  Love ya girl!

hive workshops kansas city photography johnna brynn

One of my favorite things Johnna showed us was an old Chinese word for "CRISIS" - the two sino-characters that represent "danger" and "opportunity" which brings "change".  This was really profound.

hive workshops kansas city Chinese crisis photography
hive workshops photography kansas city johnna brynn

Johnna also spoke about her work with a non-profit she started called Star Shooter: Phototherapy for Kids, which equips children to express themselves using photography.  This really touched the hearts of some of our "Creatives".  If you would like to find out more about Star Shooter.

 Go HERE..      https://www.facebook.com/starshooterforkids and HERE... http://starshooterblog.org/

hive workshops kansas city photography johnna brynn

{hive-Workshops}  was thrilled to have another successful workshop where we could all CONNECT....GROW...& THRIVE... with each other!  Thank you to all our AWESOME SPONSORS!!

Every Creative walked away with an amazing gift from our sponsors, so cool!  Click on the links below to connect with this awesome companies.

MADERA ALBUMSSHIFT FIT,  ZENFOLIO,  VSCO film presets,  Impossible Project,  H&H Color Lab,  

Freedom Quest International,  Pixieset.com  

hive workshops photography class kansas city johnna brynn
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Vendor Spotlight - Floricolor Album Bookbinders

Floricolor, a Portugal based bookbinder produces some of the highest quality albums & books that a photographer could ever dream of. They have been in business since 1979 as a professional photographic lab. In 2002 they reconverted the lab for the exclusive production of Digital/Flush Mount Albums. Today, photographers in more than twenty-five countries on three continents trust Floricolor to custom produce albums for their clients.

Floricolor has teamed up with local Kansas City photographer, Petra Herrmann, owner of Bella Boudoir who inspired their super sexy Boudoir Collection of albums.  The Association for International Boudoir Photographers ((AIBP)) named Petra their 2013 Photographer of the Year.  Shes the best in the biz!

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{hive-workshops} is super lucky to have Petra Herrmann teach a workshop on Sunday afternoon March 8th, 2015 (1:00pm - 5:00pm).  Petra will instruct us on the Art of Posing.   She will go Beyond Boudoir posing and show us how to interact and pose all different kinds of clients.  Instructing us how to achieve flattering poses that are visually interesting for all body types. She will show us how to direct our clients and get them, to ease into the poses we want.  We will walk away from this workshop with a new confidence in our ability to direct and pose any type of female portrait client, giving us images our clients will LOVE!

But wait there's more!!!

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Floricolor is not only one of the best bookbinders in the world, they are also one of the most generous!  They have graciously offered to give every "creative" that attends Petra's {hive-workshop} on March 8th, a custom 12x12 album from their Touch Collection - valued at $350.00!!  Yep, you read that right, a free Touch Collection Album!  You will not only learn Petra's secrets to posing you will also walk away with an amazing sample album to get you started on showing and selling more albums, adding to your profit.  Yay!  Read all about this Album line below...


Posing w/Petra - Beyond the Boudoir (CHECK BACK SOON)

Class limited to 12- "Creatives"

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This album furthers it's uniqueness by repeating the names on the Spine and Fly Pages. The final touch is given by printing your studios logo on the back cover, perfectly branding your beautiful work of art.

Printing is done by superimposing several layers of UV Reserved Varnish giving it relief and a glow unlike other albums.

This albums cover and fly pages are made from the same material - Soft Feel Black, extending its softness from beginning to end.

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Album Sizes: 8x8, 10x10, 12x12 and 14x14

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You can read all about and sign up for "Petra's Art of Posing" class by clicking HERE.  See you there!

This class is very limited and only the first 12 attendees will get a spot.