Taxes - a small business owners nightmare...or not?


Most days of the year you can ask any small business owner how much they love their job and they will gush all about the freedom they have and how they are finally living out their passion and perusing their dreams.  They will tell you how they can now attend their kids ball games and take that 2-week vacation they used to only dream about with their 9-5 job.  But if you ask this same question to them between January and April...especially around the 2nd week of April (for us procrastinators) they may just grunt without speaking a word.  Why?  Well, when most of you are getting your hard earned money back from Uncle Sam, us small business owners are paying out, BIG TIME!


Often times during the year our friends will say to us.."Well, you can just deduct that, must be nice"  while really we are so very busy, wearing the 12 hats that we need to run our business, that we can hardly keep up with what exactly we can and can not deduct when tax time comes.

So how do we small business owners figure everything out?  We have managed to figure everything else out why not this?  Well, sometimes we just have to suck it up and delegate. Yep, actually hire someone who knows what their doing.  Just like we expect from our clients, right!?  Harder said than done.  We already know we will owe about 30% of our income, not including sales tax and we defiantly know about the dreaded Self-employment tax... but what exactly can we deduct and how can we simplify our book-keeping to make this year end torment easier? 

The answer is to hire a professional?  Yep.   If you find the right one, they are here to help you owe the least amount that's legal (hey we still gotta pave those roads) and if you owe more than you have they will help you with a strategic plan to not only prepare for the future but also pay off what you owe.  


Scott Hipp, CPA Hive workshops

{hive-workshops} researched and found the very best CPA in the KC-MO metro area to teach us all about TAX LAW and how to keep meaningful, well-organized financial records to ensure that our business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis.  His name is Scott Hipp and hes been teaching us day-to-day tasks associated with bookkeeping and tax preparation as well as cost and tax saving strategies.   His instruction has helped many of us make well informed  business decisions based on relevant, accurate information.  Scott helps answer many of our burning tax and financial questions that relate to our specific businesses.  In other words....He...Is...AWESOME!  

And lucky you, hes teaching another {hive-workshop} this coming Tuesday, November 24th 2015. in Kansas City (6:00pm - 8:30pm).  We keep our class size very small so that each attendee can ask specific questions that relate to their unique businesses.  Come join us.  The class is an investment of only $38.00 and worth every penny.


tax class hive workshops


Here are a few thoughts from past attendees of Scotts {hive-workshop}

I recently attended the {hive-workshops} Let’s Get Legal class on business finance and taxes, and it was SO informative! Melissa chose speakers who managed to make the normally very dry topic interesting and interactive, and I learned a ton from the class. Scott and Monica were obviously very knowledgeable on their topics, but communicated in a way that was concise and easy to understand for non-financially savvy people. And they were very open to questions and took the time to talk to anyone who had specific things to address for their own circumstances.

The {hive} space is so warm and inviting, and Melissa obviously took great care to make us comfortable. She even provided warm drinks and sweets to help keep us toasty on a chilly November evening!

Melissa’s classes are also a great value for the price, and I LOVE that a portion of each class fee is donated to charity. Melissa has such a big heart, and it is wonderful to see her helping people across the world succeed, as well as the other small businesses right in her own back yard!

— Christina Maki — 5 star
So far I have attended the in person sales class as well as the “let’s get legal” tax class, and both were excellent! Very informative, comfortable setting and incredibly affordable. A definite asset for my small business and well worth every penny! I plan to attend many more workshops! Thank you for providing an excellent service to the small business community!
— Jessica Scott Holthaus — 5 star
Thank you for hosting the tax & banking class! I had several big questions answered. It was a great evening and everyone was so friendly and helpful. I’m looking forward to participating in future workshops!
— Aimee Starr — 5 star
I attended the “Let’s Get Legal” class on November 12th. Hive Workshops brought in experts who know their stuff, but were relatable and spoke plain English. Scott and Monica were great instructors, and I really learned a lot about what I need to do to take the “business” part of my business to the next level. The class was super affordable! I was impressed that at the end of the class Melissa showed us a video of a great charity that a portion of our payment would help. . . it’s always important to give back. Thanks, Melissa, Scott and Monica for the great information! I definitely plan to be back!
— Molly Gosney Beale — 5 star
scott hipp, cpa

C-JAXN Tax and Accounting Services
12980 Metcalf, Suite 130
Overland Park, KS 66213

You can also connect with Scott and his team directly by going to their website:

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