Here at { hive } we realize how blessed we are to bee able to live out our dreams as entrepreneurs.  In America we are afforded many luxuries and opportunities that many others only dream about.  We have teamed up with WORLD VISION and their Micro Loans program.  We give 10% of every dollar made at { hive } to fund a loan and give a hand up to hard working men and women living in poverty who want to support their families.  They are entrepreneurs who have sound business ideas, but no access to capital or traditional loans.  We will keep you undated on our BLOG all about the business person we choose.  Here is how it works.....

What is Micro Finance?

World Vision Micro, a Christian micro finance program, is part of World Vision which works in nearly 100 countries around the globe, combating the root causes of poverty. To break the chains of poverty through micro loans, the enterprising poor require the same resources as every determined entrepreneur - access to capital and practical training. That is why World Vision Micro, through VisionFund Intemational, has micro finance institutions granting micro loans in 10 countries.

At World Vision Micro, we use our micro finance program to provide loans to hopeful entrepreneurs in under developed regions. Regions where holistic-improvement efforts are being made in areas like water supply, health, infrastructure development and education.

The average World Vision micro loan is $350 and

has a 98% repayment rate. When the repayment starts, the real transformation begins.


The Microlending Cycle

This holistic microlending approach begins with Micro’s approval of an individual’s micro finance loan request. Often, these micro loan candidates are ambitious female entrepreneurs in impoverished countries looking for micro loans for women but unable to secure micro loans through other, more traditional means. The World Vision Micro loan program approves many types of micro financing loans for agriculture, commerce, service and production.

World Vision Micro is unique because the micro loan capital remains in the entrepreneur’s community. Once a loan is repaid, the money is used to fund another hardworking person in that same area. This recycling of loans creates a micro finance ripple effect. And since the basic principal of microlending is to aid people that wouldn't otherwise qualify for a loan, the cycle of poverty is continuously broken while a thriving community is built.

To donate to a micro finance organization or microlending organization like World Vision Micro, you simply browse the entrepreneur profiles and choose which individuals to micro finance with your micro loan. Rather than microlending to Micro and personally receiving that small micro loan amount back, your micro loan continues helping multiple entrepreneurs thrive — as it’s redistributed to someone new each time a micro loan is repaid.

Micro Loan Impact

Micro finance gives hardworking people the opportunity to move from dependence on aid to financial self-sustainability - empowering them to change their own lives and the lives of their children. World wide, there are potentially 500 million people that could benefit from micro finance. By deciding to help a hardworking entrepreneur you begin the cycle of sustainability - and give the ultimate gift of empowerment.

Donating to a fund of micro loans allows you to contribute to a Christian micro finance program built on a reputation for integrity and success. By becoming a micro loan donor, you can break the cycle of poverty and turn it into a cycle of profitability. If you are interested in investing in hard-working individual’s intent on building better lives for themselves and their families, we encourage you to partner with World Vision Micro.

World Vision Micro is unique because the loan capital remains in the community. Unlike other lending programs, we request donations rather than loans. So when donors provide a tax deductible donation to fund an entrepreneur’s loan, the capital funds not only the initial loan, but is available for future loans in an ongoing and sustainable way. It’s a ripple effect. Once a loan is repaid, the funds are used to help another hardworking entrepreneur in the same community. And so on. And so on.

A Richer Community

When entrepreneurs establish and expand their businesses, not only do they help themselves, but they help their fellow neighbors by creating new jobs. When businesses expand, more members of the community are employed, and more families have the opportunity to escape poverty.

When there’s more capital in the community, there can be improvements to things such as roads, buildings, schools, and water resources. Reinvigorating the basics can drive people to continue improving their surrounding conditions. New roads enable easier access to markets, schools educate children, and clean water keeps everyone healthy. It’s how World Vision can empower communities to become sustainable.


Breaking The Cycle

By giving families the tools they need to succeed, they become healthier and have greater incomes. Improved incomes allow families to invest in clean water, nutritious food, better medicine, and education for children. And this benefits the entire community. It gives hardworking people the opportunity to move from dependence on aid to financial self-sustainability. It creates confidence and pride. It provides a brighter future for children. Repay. Recycle. Restore – that’s the circle. And this is how World Vision can empower communities and break the cycle of poverty.