Melissa Slater: - Our Founder 


Melissa is a Professional Photographer and educator who lives in the Kansas City area with her husband of 14 years and their 110lb German Shepard. With professional experience and formal education in both photography and small business management, Melissa is able to understand the unique needs of the artist and the independent professional.  She has owned her own photography business for 22 years, managed three successful photography studios as the Creative Director and instructed students as an educator and mentor. She is also a Nutritionist and founder of a beeautiful event space. Throughout the years Melissa has worked in several different fields of photography and design.  For the past 15 years she has merged her love for travel with her unique photographic talent.  Specializing in destination wedding photography, couples have flown her all over the world to capture their special day with her camera. She has won several awards for her imagery and design as well as being published in multiple magazines and blogs.  Melissa is devoted to continued education as it is a natural extension of her work as a leader in the photographic and artistic community   She is excited to help other artists and business professionals connect and accomplish their goals.