Blogging for Creatives (June 17th)

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Blogging for Creatives (June 17th)


June 17th, 2015 (6:30 - 9:00)

Instructor:  Megan Peters -

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Blogging for Creatives

Instructor | Megan Peters of Crazy Bananas Creative Studio


Date:  June 17th, 2015 (Wednesday) 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Location:  {hive-workshops}



The goal of this two-hour workshop is to to take the creatives through the benefits and how-to’s of blogging for creative businesses. The end goal is for the creatives to leave the workshop with the tools to either create their own business blog or to enhance their current blog and social media content.  Megan will show us real-time demonstrations & techniques.  Worksheets will bee provided for the creatives to keep for their own use. As with all {hive-workshops} open discussion is strongly encouraged!



At the end of this workshop, attendees should be able to:

  • Understand how blogging helps build their business

  • Identify the top blogging platforms for creatives

  • Understand simple HTML and CSS tricks and tips to help them create and design their blog

  • Know easy methods for building story and interest through blogging

  • Describe how to make content shareable on social media

  • Identify the best social media platforms to focus on in order to build their brand

  • Understand how to promote their blog, including SEO and hashtags

  • Describe and explain the “3-and-3 Blogging Rule”

  • Bee familiar with programs/plugins specific to creatives that make blogging workflow fast and efficient


The Blog Salon is gifting one lucky Creative a free consultation and all the Creatives $50 off any design package.  BlogStomp is also giving every attendee 20% off Coupon code!!

Megan Peters hive workshops profile picture

Megan Peters is a writer, photographer, designer and blogger, based in Kansas City. She began blogging in 2004, as a way to stay in touch with friends and family while living abroad. After she returned to the states, she decided to keep blogging, and has been writing about her life on the Internet ever since! Her creative lifestyle blog,, covers just about everything from the daily bedtime stories Megan reads with her kids, unexpected adventures, technology, graphic design, photography, home makeovers, pop culture, personal style and relationships. Her writing has been featured on BlogHer, the Kansas City Moms Bog, BlogHerTech, Kirtsy, Sweet Lemon Magazine, Altitude Design Summit Design for MiniKind. She is currently a contributor for, a website focused on technology, gaming and families. She is also a blogger for {Hive-Workshops}!  Megan's love of photography grew out of her blogging career. In 2006 she began using photography as a method of storytelling on her own blog, and in 2015 she quit her corporate marketing job to pursue blogging and photography full time. Crazy Bananas Creative Studio is an all-inclusive creative studio, focusing on blogging, copy writing, design, social media marketing, and photography. In June 2015, Megan's images will be featured in "The Phoenix Project" a community art project to raise funds for the South Mass Art Guild and the Willow Center, a domestic violence shelter for women and children in Lawrence, Kansas. 

Megan loves the color orange, Doctor Who and Britney Spears. She went to space camp as a kid and is slightly obsessed with Neil DeGrasse-Tyson. She is not easily embarrassed.