Off Camera Flash - for beginners (2nd date)

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Off Camera Flash - for beginners (2nd date)


Date:  Monday October 19th, 2015 (6:00pm - 9:30pm)

This class is limited to SIX attendees.

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This Workshop will bee at {hive-workshops} Studio in the West Bottoms area of Kansas City.  CLICK HERE for Directions.

You've been asking for it and now you've got it!  Melissa will teach a 3-hour course on using FLASH both on and off your camera.  As photographers we are artists and tend to lean towards using the right side of our brains (the creative side).  Using flash, especially more than one flash, is very technical and requires us to use our left brain.  Melissa will help you tap into your technical side and teach you the skills to master your Speed-Lights.

Very limited class size (6-creatives MAX).  You will get very individualized attention.   Learn how to master your OWN gear and discover new gear you may want.  Overland Park Photo Supply will bee supplying all kinds of cool gear for us to play with!

Skill Level:  An intermediate to advanced photographer who is new to using off-camera flash.  You will want a basic knowledge of how your camera works and exposure.  {hive}  is a safe place to learn and ask questions :)

Class Description:  A workshop to help you learn the basics of flash photography.  Instruction will include how your flash(s) work both in manual mode and ETTL.  We will cover both camera and flash exposure and how the two work together to give you the "look" that you want to achieve in your images.  We will play with all kinds of light modifiers including gels, umbrellas and soft-boxes.  Using radio transmitters will also bee discussed.  Instruction will include using flash as your main light as well as fill light, hair light and background light.  We will discuss how to create the quality of light you want allowing you to increase your creativity.  

Equipment needed:  A  DSLR Camera with at least one external flash.  If you have more than one flash, that's great!  If you do not have more than one flash, no problem, come learn how everything works! You will know what equipment you want to invest in to get the "look" you want for your images.

Instructor:  Melissa Slater, Owner of Slater-Studios of Photography & Design and {hive-workshops}

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After graduating from Photography School in 1996 Melissa became a Professional Photographer working for some of the best studios in the nation.  She has owned and operated her own Wedding Photography studio for the last 12 years and now specializes in destination wedding photography.  She travels the globe photographing couples in love. 

In 2014 Melissa opened the doors to {hive-workshops} and now helps other creative small business owners learn to succeed.

Melissa loves to teach and give back to other photographers and says she would bee nowhere if it were not for her photography mentors who were so giving of their time and knowledge.  She has been married for 11 years to her husband Shay, a PGA golf pro and they live in Kansas City with their 115lb German Shepherd. She LOVES:  God, travel, mashed potatoes, the NC mountains, camping, 5-star hotels & her 11 nephews & 4 nieces.