Get your Life Back! - Post Production workflow for photographers (12.15.15)

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Get your Life Back! - Post Production workflow for photographers (12.15.15)


December, 15, 2015 (6:00pm - 9:30pm)

Location:  Bonfire - 6104 Johnson Drive - Mission, KS 66202

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December 15th, 2015 (6:00pm - 9:30pm)

Class Description:

jasonhive workshops photography training

Get your life back is about finding a way to shoot, edit and deliver your product the fastest way possible. Jason will be going through how he approaches a shoot day and works a scene to get the best image possible then take you through his whole post-production process. 

Jason will share his workflow full of realistic advice to help you reduce the amount of time spent in front of your computer during post-production of your images. He’ll discuss how to shoot for edit, breaking the attachment to your photos, uploading, managing back-up of files, culling, proof edit, blog edit, album design edit, proofing and blogging.

Jason will also take time to answer your specific questions regarding your personal work-flow and how to streamline your process.

Jason will also, bee Jason and interject his big heart into his talk with us.  He will speak on the differences that make a photographer stand out from the ever-growing crowd.  How do you change the game? How do you stay ahead of people? What makes you stand out?  This class is not to bee missed!

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We have 2- awesome GIVEAWAYS to those who attend this class:  


 1  - (2) hour mentor-ship with Jason for one lucky attendee & Fundy Album Designer will bee giving away Fundy full Designer suite!!!!



Skill level needed for the class:  

hive workshops kansas city photography training

Any level is welcomed however you will want at least a basic understanding of your computer and processing your images.  You do not need to bring your laptop, with the editing programs on it, however if you'd like to you are welcome.  Jason will be teaching on Photo Mechanic, Lightroom, Photoshop, Pixiset & Fundy Album Builder  He will not have the time to teach everything** about these programs however he will show you how he uses them to make his workflow FAST.

**  Specific color correction and re-touching techniques will not be discussed in this class.  We will have future classes on these subjects where we will have time to get in detail about image adjustments.


About Jason Domingues- Our Instructor ...

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I was born in Bristol, Rhode Island and started shooting when I was 15.  I was the youngest string for my local newspaper that's where I fell in love with Photojournalism.  I took a career change at 21 (1995)  and joined the Military (Army).  I started shooting weddings when a friend asked me to photograph his wedding back in 2004.  I instantly fell in love with it.  I did everything I could to learn this industry and now I want to share it.  Flash forward to a wonderful wife of 17 years with 2 kids living in Prairie Village and with a wedding career spanning almost 500 weddings.

{hive-workshops} featured Jason on our BLOG, it's a pretty cool read on him and his photographic story.... check it out .. CLICK HERE :)




Jason also offers Photographer Coaching and he is giving YOU 50% off if you sign-up before his {hive-workshop} on Dec. 15th, 2015!! 

(You do not need to sign-up for this {hive-workshop} to get this awesome deal from JD, Just contact them and mention you heard about it through {hive-workshops} :)

After teaching photography in both group and one-on-one settings for many years, we started to discover that every single person we worked with, regardless of skill level or experience, learned more [and retained what they learned better] in a one-on-one environment. And so, our coaching program was born.

Whether you want to come into our studio for in-person coaching, or learn online, in the comfort of your own home or studio, your time with Jason will be 100% tailored to your personal wants, needs, and skill level. 


In- Person, One time 2 hour session - $375   {hive-workshops SPECIAL - $187.50 } 

In-Person, Two 2 hour sessions -   {hive-workshops SPECIAL -  $337.50} 

In-Person, Three 2 hour sessions - $995    {hive-workshops SPECIAL - $497.50}  


On-Line, One time 2 hour session - $225    {hive-workshops SPECIAL - $112.50}  

On-line, Two 2 hour sessions - $400     {hive-workshops SPECIAL - $200}  

On-line, Three 2 hour sessions - $575    {hive-workshops SPECIAL - $287.50}  

Simply want Jason to look over some of your work, and give you helpful feedback? Then, a critique session is just what you need.  

1 hour in-person critique [in our studio] - $125   {hive-workshops SPECIAL -  $62.50}  

1 hour online critique [via GoToMeeting] - $100    {hive-workshops SPECIAL - $50}  

And for the ultimate in wedding photography training, shoot a wedding right alongside Jason. Whether it's one of your weddings, or one of ours, there is NO better way to learn how to best manage a busy wedding day, work effectively with your clients and their families and friends, make the day fun and relaxed for everyone, and of course, capture amazing images, than to learn from one of the best...right there at a real wedding. 

Shoot With You [KC area only for this special, and based on availability]

$3000    {hive-workshops SPECIAL - $1500}    ½ due when you schedule with us and ½ due within 30 days of the wedding

Shoot With Us

$1200    {hive-workshops SPECIAL - $600}     ½ due when you schedule with us and ½ due within 30 days of the wedding

Whether you select a simple critique session, an in-depth coaching session, or to shoot a wedding with Jason, you will walk away from the experience feeling more confident and knowledgeable than ever!

Contact us today to get started and remember to mention {hive-workshops} to get your DEEP DISCOUNT!!


Connect with Jason through his creative endeavors:

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