Tax Law - for small business & creatives

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Tax Law - for small business & creatives


Janurary 31st, 2017 (6:00PM - 8:30PM)

So excited to have Scott Hipp back to teach this super informative class.

Read all about Scott's {hive-workshop} and what past attendees are saying on our BLOG - CLICK HERE

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{hive-workshops} is located in the Historic West Bottoms area of Kansas City, MO.  CLICK HERE for directions.


Class Description:  Our instructor will help teach us small business owners about the basis of forming a foundation for a successful business.  We will learn how to keep meaningful, well-organized financial records to ensure that our business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis.  Scott will teach us day-to-day tasks associated with bookkeeping and tax preparation. Cost and tax saving strategies will bee discussed as well as making well informed decisions based on relevant, accurate information.  He will answer many of our burning tax and financial questions that relate to our specific businesses.


Here are some of our burning questions that Scott will help in clearing up...

  • how do I find out what the current sales tax rate is in my city?
  • do I charge sales tax where the product is delivered or where I make it?
  • what are the laws for charging sales tax on services (and the difference between KS & MO)?
  • do I need to file for KS & MO?
  • I've heard I don't have to charge sales tax on a "digital download" of images, only charge if I supply the images on a disc or pen drive, is this true?
  • a list of specific deductions relating to photography, small business & service based companies and how to organize this?
  • how do i go about recording my mileage and what is legal to deduct concerning my car and gas / oil changes?
  • is childcare detectable?
  • should I bee paying sales tax quarterly or yearly and why?
  • discuss self-employment tax
  • if i work from home what is legal to deduct concerning house expenses / cell phone?
  • do I really need to keep all my receipts?
  • should my business bee set up as an LLC and how to set up as a tax entity, sole-proprietor, partnership, S-Corp., etc ?
  • can you discuss credit card processing and the exact fees associated with this form of payment?


As this is so close to tax season, Scott is offering a 10% discount on tax prep to anyone who attends the class. #winning


Tax Law Instructor:  Scott Hipp, CPA, CFP®, Owner

scott hipp





Scott graduated with his bachelor's degrees in Finance and Economics from Washburn University and his master's degree in Accounting from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He is a Certified Financial PlannerTM, Certified Public Accountant and holds his Series 7 license. Prior to going into business for himself in 2001, Scott had more than 13 years experience in corporate finance and accounting.

Scott is active in his community, church and various charitable events. His family includes his wife, Linda, and their sons, Cooper and Chantz. He enjoys playing basketball and golf. Scott's fictional short story appeared in "Chicken Soup for the Golfer’s Soul".

Contact Scott Hipp at 913.383.9505 or


Here are a few thoughts from past attendees of Scotts {hive-workshop}

hive workshops kansas city
“I recently attended the {hive-workshops} Let’s Get Legal class on business finance and taxes, and it was SO informative! Melissa chose speakers who managed to make the normally very dry topic interesting and interactive, and I learned a ton from the class. Scott and Monica were obviously very knowledgeable on their topics, but communicated in a way that was concise and easy to understand for non-financially savvy people. And they were very open to questions and took the time to talk to anyone who had specific things to address for their own circumstances.

The {hive} space is so warm and inviting, and Melissa obviously took great care to make us comfortable. She even provided warm drinks and sweets to help keep us toasty on a chilly November evening!

Melissa’s classes are also a great value for the price, and I LOVE that a portion of each class fee is donated to charity. Melissa has such a big heart, and it is wonderful to see her helping people across the world succeed, as well as the other small businesses right in her own back yard!

— Christina Maki — 5 star

“So far I have attended the in person sales class as well as the “let’s get legal” tax class, and both were excellent! Very informative, comfortable setting and incredibly affordable. A definite asset for my small business and well worth every penny! I plan to attend many more workshops! Thank you for providing an excellent service to the small business community!”

— Jessica Scott Holthaus — 5 star

“Thank you for hosting the tax & banking class! I had several big questions answered. It was a great evening and everyone was so friendly and helpful. I’m looking forward to participating in future workshops!”

— Aimee Starr — 5 star

“I attended the “Let’s Get Legal” class on November 12th. Hive Workshops brought in experts who know their stuff, but were relatable and spoke plain English. Scott and Monica were great instructors, and I really learned a lot about what I need to do to take the “business” part of my business to the next level. The class was super affordable! I was impressed that at the end of the class Melissa showed us a video of a great charity that a portion of our payment would help. . . it’s always important to give back. Thanks, Melissa, Scott and Monica for the great information! I definitely plan to be back!”

— Molly Gosney Beale — 5 star