Photo Psychology - connecting with your clients (02-24-2015)

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Photo Psychology - connecting with your clients (02-24-2015)

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Our Instructor Johnna Brynn will help us learn the art of Psychology with Photography. This class is on Tuesday February 24th from 6:00pm - 9:30pm.

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This Photo-Psychology workshop is for amateur or professional photographers.

- increase personal creativity and solidify your style.
- put your inspirations to action.
- capture more "natural emotions". 
- learn more about phototherapy and therapeutic photography.
- learn about the psychology of photography in any aspect (client relations, the "why" behind why you shoot, etc.)

Class Description:

The Photo Psychology class will present assessment opportunities for photographers to examine what prohibits their creativity and how to build more upon the psychology of why and how they shoot. Photographers will gain insight into how to connect more with their clients to tell the authentic lifestory with true emotion.

Skill Level needed:  

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None. Only a hunger to learn more with an openness to change. :) 

What will I learn from this class:

In this class you will learn the art of psychology with photography. You will learn how psychology plays into the photography work you do. How to be renewed and stay out of a photo-funk. You will also learn how to have a deeper connection with your clients, to ultimately tell their lifestory and enrich their experience and increase your ability to capture their true personality and emotion.



Johnna serves as a mentor to photographers, here are a few kind words they spoke of her: 

Johnna is incredibly honest and open. She has such a gift in her background in psychology; her wisdom goes above and beyond her skills as a beautiful photographer. Johnna is able to identify and nurture the spirit of the individual artist, and that is something quite unique that makes her mentor sessions different from anything else anyone can offer.
-Marina Locke, Australia

I was hoping to leave our Skype session with one or two ideas that would help boost my confidence and business, and I feel I left with so much more. Johnna did a fantastic job of tailoring the session to fit me personally.-Tina Lanae, Oklahoma

As an amateur photographer beginning my journey towards the professional level, Johnna provided excellent insight and demonstrated a genuine willingness to listen, answer questions and share her experiences. She also offered several valuable resources to expand my knowledge and keep me moving in the right direction towards my goals. I would highly recommend a mentor session for anyone seeking honest, smart advice from someone who’s easy to talk to, caring and just plain gets it.-Scott Cook, Kansas City

Johnna’s mentoring session was a complete success in my opinion. I’ve gained so much knowledge, encouragement and advice that will definitely help to improve many aspects of my business! Johnna is so sweet and so helpful, I would encourage everyone to schedule a session with her!-Nina Grace, St. Petersburg, Florida

Had a great mentoring session with Johnna! She really helped me in the business and organizational aspect of the profession. Being very new to photography, she was so open to help with any questions I had and made me feel very optimistic about my future in this business! She was also very supportive and encouraging, and extended herself past the mentoring session. That truly shows how much she loves what she does and wants to share that with others and see them grow as well. -Nicole Houser, Sarasota, Florida

If you are interested in beeing mentored by Johnna, you can connect here:


A little about our Instructor ....

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"Johnna  resides in Sarasota Florida.  She is an international photographer, therapist, and is presently in her 4th year of pursuing a PhD in psychology. After six years of being in social services and experiencing burn out, she began traveling the world and her camera exploded with creativity. She returned to America wanting to mix her passion of helping others and using photography. She began a non-profit in 2008 called Star Shooter: Phototherapy for Kids, which equips children to express themselves using photography. Johnna then started, Johnna Brynn Photography in March 2009 offering portrait, wedding, and commercial services. Johnna returned to school in 2012 to start a PhD with a dissertation focusing on how photography can help sexually abused victims recover from trauma. She currently is a part-time therapist in the Sexual Abuse Treatment program at the Child Protection Center in Sarasota, Florida , and conducts therapeutic photography groups with teens using Polaroid cameras. While managing her photography business full time and keeping up with her school assignments. Johnna's passion has grown to not only helping trauma victims, but also helping photographers and social service professionals who want to help make a difference in others -understand how to do this using photography. 

View Johnna's professional photography website at: JOHNNA BRYNN PHOTOGRAPHY
Visit and connect with her through her other sites below:

Also if your a dog lover Johnna has a super cool blog about her dog Asa:

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