Pricing yourself in a competitive market - for photographers

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Pricing yourself in a competitive market - for photographers


2-night workshop. 6-hours of instruction.

Tuesday - May 1st (6:00pm - 9:30pm)

Tuesday - May 8th - (6:00pm - 9:30pm)

 Both nights for $149.00. 


Location:  1317 W. 13th Terrace KCMO 64102

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If you are photographer struggling with pricing or find that you are constantly reworking your entire pricing menu – Break. The. Cycle. The single most important thing that you can do for your business is to have a solid foundation built around core business practices. Let’s be honest. Pricing is difficult. It’s also going to take a lot of work to make your pricing accurate. In this class you will learn a step-by-step pricing formula to make sure you are structuring your prices around your business goals that will ultimately make your business – more profitable!  We will also touch on In-Person Sales and how to increase your profit through print & product sales.

This is a 2-night workshop. 6 - total hours of expert instruction.  Day 1 will bee on Tuesday May 1st (6:00pm-9:30pm) and Day 2 will bee on Tuesday May 8th. (6:00pm - 9:30pm)   We split the class schedule so that you have time to complete some homework that will help you use Amanda's formula, to calculate how to become profitable.  

Skill level needed:  

Beginners and seasoned pros alike.  Whether you are just starting or re-starting. What better time than NOW to reevaluate your business pricing and make this the most successful year so far!  In the past we have had brand new business owners and photographers who have been in business over 20 years!

What do I need to bring:  

Pen & Paper


Day 1  Tuesday May 1st (6:00pm-9:30pm): Building a Profitable Foundation

-      Defining what success looks like to you

-      Competition: Should you be concerned with what they are doing?

-      What makes your business unique

-      How to find your target market according to your business strategy

-      Crunching numbers: Learn each step of my proven formula that ensures profitability

-      Find YOUR “Happy Place” sale dollar amount


Day 2  Tuesday May 8th. (6:00pm - 9:30pm): Implementing the Formula

-      Selecting profitable products and effectively presenting them on your price menu

-      Designing your price list once and for all

-      Pricing Strategies

-      Implementing your new pricing structure to current clients and overcoming “sticker shock”


Optional Day 3:

45 minute 1 on 1 Pricing Critique with Amanda. (Additional fees apply) This is your chance to get an honest critique of your new and improved PROFITABLE pricing menu.  This optional session can bee schedule with Amanda during day 2 of this workshop.

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 What will the giveaways bee:



-      1 – Pricing That Clicks program from Creative Method


-      1 – 30 Minute Price List Critique


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About our Instructor Amanda Yount:

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Management. After graduating from college I worked as a Financial Auditor for a Fortune 500 company, and not too long after the birth of my son in 2010, I moved my focus from accounting to photography full-time. My photography business, Amanda Yount Photography, has been going strong for 11 years. Through the years, I have always been drawn to helping other photographers build their business with a foundation based on solid accounting principles.

As more and more new photographers flooded the market, so did the requests from fellow photographers asking for advice on how to price their photography. I wanted to find a way to show new and experienced photographers that their time is worth way MORE than what they were charging. With that, I created the Pricing That Clicks program, a common-sense approach system based on fundamental accounting principles
— Amanda Yount {hive-instructor}

My Personal Business Story:


Amanda Yount

I have been a photographer for 11 years now. In the very beginning, my session fee was only $50 and I proofed online. Why? I thought that people would see me as a “value” and I could be in the drivers seat. I was in the driver’s seat all right – I drove myself very quickly into the burnout phase. I was over worked, under paid and although I did a great job on the session and my clients loved their images, there were times when customers would not purchase a single image/print. My site was used as view only and was shared with friends and family.  It was very frustrating.

I found it easy to attend workshops and seminars always learning ways to take better images, learn new, fun and exciting shooting methods and ways to improve as a photographer, but the pricing for my time and images remained a mystery.  I found that other photographers prices varied greatly for the same products that I was offering. How was I as a photographer to figure out how to price for my own photography business and make it profitable? Sitting fees and pricing continued to be a weak point and very frustrating for me.  After obtaining my Accounting degree in 2006, I sat down and reevaluated my entire business process.  I am now able to work less and have a very profitable business, charging what I am worth.  I believe you can do the same!