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I’m a boudoir photographer from Detroit Michigan and recently attended a Hive workshop on Smart Albums. It was very informative in a casual atmosphere where I was able to connect to other photographers with similar interest. I learned a great deal from Jan and Melissa, the presenters…they were fun and full of information. I can’t wait to start using Smart Albums as part of my workflow…such a time saver!!! I also look forward to traveling back to Kansas City to attend another workshop hosted by Hive…was definitely worth it and would recommend it to any photographer interested in growing their business. I can’t say enough great things about Hive and the people that work there.
— Catherine Schultz
 Image by:   SLD photography

Image by:  SLD photography

5 star!! Loved the IPS workshop with Jenny Solar. It was 3 hours long and it felt like 30 minutes! I could not get enough of Jenny’s amazing wisdom and strategy behind her pricing and her products. I truly believe this will impact my business and help me thrive and achieve my goals! I am looking forward to attending more workshops with Hive Workshops and I am very thankful for great professionals taking the time to invest in other businesses and lives!
— Elaine Green
The In Person Sales Class was AMAZING. Today - I completely revamped my pricing and I had SOO many lightbulb moments in that class. WELL WORTH the investment, in fact I am tempted to seriously go to EVERY single class b/c I got so much more out of it than what I paid for! Thank you Jenny & Melissa!
— Rose Hoa Duong
Melissa takes great care in providing a cozy, comfortable environment for photographers to learn and ask questions. It’s obvious she has a passion for helping fellow photographers learn and become great at what they do!
— Aimee Geis
Melissa is an incredible creative and professional artist. She is so knowledgeable about everything from the business to how to interact with clients during a session. Shooting weddings with Melissa has taught me techniques that I still employ at every single wedding I shoot.
— Chris Walter
Chris Walter
Thank you for hosting the tax & banking class! I had several big questions answered. It was a great evening and everyone was so friendly and helpful. I’m looking forward to participating in future workshops!
— Aimee Starr
Essence McMullan
I had an amazing time at the last workshop! This was very helpful as I’m still learning how to properly manage business for myself as a photographer. My first official workshop and I too hope to attend more in the future. P.S. the cookies were very good! :)
— Essence McMullen
So far I have attended the in person sales class as well as the “let’s get legal” tax class, and both were excellent! Very informative, comfortable setting and incredibly affordable. A definite asset for my small business and well worth every penny! I plan to attend many more workshops! Thank you for providing an excellent service to the small business community!
— Jessica Scott Holthaus
I attended the “Let’s Get Legal” class on November 12th. Hive Workshops brought in experts who know their stuff, but were relatable and spoke plain English. Scott and Monica were great instructors, and I really learned a lot about what I need to do to take the “business” part of my business to the next level. The class was super affordable! I was impressed that at the end of the class Melissa showed us a video of a great charity that a portion of our payment would help. . . it’s always important to give back. Thanks, Melissa, Scott and Monica for the great information! I definitely plan to be back!
— Molly Gosney Beale

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